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Saiba quais são os melhores chás para emagrecer

A hot cup of tea, especially on colder days, brings a feeling of comfort, as well as warmth, of course. More than a good option anytime of the day, this drink (consumed all over the world) may promote other health benefits. Some prevent illness, others relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, and may relieve symptoms of PMS. But, did you know that there are natural teas that help shed pounds? They work by detoxifying the body, improving digestion and bowel function, in addition to speeding up metabolism and providing energy. meet some slimming teas easy to do and enjoy the benefits of each.

slimming teas

slimming teas
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If there’s one thing that comes with colder days, it’s tea. The famous infusion of herbs and plants in hot water is one of the most popular drinks in the world because, in addition to heating, it promotes other benefits for our body. And it’s no wonder that herbs have been used since ancient times thanks to their medicinal effects, as some are able to prevent disease, promote relaxation and even alleviate the symptoms of PMS.

For Professor Ana Clara Machado, who studies herbal medicine and the medicinal power of herbs, “Tea is more beneficial than people can imagine and the options are so many that it is possible to say that it has an effect. recipe for virtually any problem. However, we also need to understand that herbs have subtle effects and therefore are not a substitute for medical treatment ”. Also, before you start preparing any slimming tea recipes, be aware that some herbs can be harmful to your body depending on your state of health. In other words: talk to a healthcare professional. And don’t forget to combine drinking alcohol with healthy habits to get the result you expect.

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Green tea

It is one of the most popular weight loss teas of all. Thanks to its thermogenic action, green tea speeds up metabolism, helps regulate bowel function, promotes a feeling of fullness and also gives energy, which can be useful during exercise. Green tea is therefore a great drink option for accelerating weight loss, besides being easily found in supermarkets and health food stores in bulk, sachet and capsule versions. But beware of the exaggeration: three or four cups a day is enough. And that’s not all: Avoid green tea at night, as it can interfere with your sleep.

Yerba mate tea

This tea is a real wild card that can be consumed hot, cold or iced – on summer days, with lemon and ice, it is a refreshing option. But, in addition to being versatile and tasty, mate enters the list of teas for weight loss because it contains caffeine and theobromine, which accelerate the metabolism and also promote greater caloric expenditure at rest. In addition, it has a diuretic (helps eliminate toxins), antioxidant (prevents premature aging) and improves digestion. In this case, you can use one sachet per cup or 20 grams of roasted herbs to brew a liter of tea and consume it throughout the day. Avoid adding sugar.

Hibiscus tea to lose weight
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Hibiscus tea

Hibiscus tea is also popular for its slimming effect. This is because it speeds up metabolism, has a diuretic action, prevents the accumulation of fat in cells, has an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, and also relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety (which can lead to eating more ). Made with the flowers and buds of hibiscus, it is one of the slimming teas that has the fewest side effects if consumed without overdoing it. In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, which helps maintain high immunity and improves blood circulation. The preparation is simple: add two tablespoons of hibiscus to a liter of boiling water, let stand for a few minutes and filter.

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