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Os banhos termais de Budapeste


The Hungarian capital is famous for its hot springs and there are more than 50 places to bathe. It is a typical activity of the inhabitants who take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the waters and also to have fun and relax, alone, with family or friends.

I have already told you about my wonderful trip to Budapest HERE and today I will talk about the experience of knowing one of the most famous spas in the city.

I admit that I was very doubtful whether I should bet my time to get to know one of the spas or not, as I knew that it would take some time to travel and also that it would be crowded and I didn’t don’t like crowds of places very much. But, as we had already visited the whole city and had a whole afternoon left, we took advantage of the heat and chose to visit Terma Széchenyi.

The choice was difficult because there is another very famous spa, Gellert. I read some info on both and ended up choosing the first one because it was closer to where we were.

The arrival is very easy because Széchenyi is right in the middle of the city park which is already worth the detour to discover the surroundings. The nearest metro is M1 Széchenyi Furdo station. Entering the term is a bit tricky, as there are several types of packages. Amidst the confusion, we opted for the single entry, which grants the right to bathe in all pools, indoor and outdoor.

When purchasing the ticket it is possible to rent a single cabin to change and leave things, however, as we arrived in the afternoon, they were all occupied.

We took a bracelet and went straight to the locker room. Detail: I bought a bikini in a store on Andrassy Avenue because I had not brought it, but in Széchenyi it is for rent. They also rent a bathrobe, towels and bathing caps.

Nobody explains anything to you and everything is very badly reported, as I have read on some sites. Storing your belongings in the luggage storage is very simple but almost impossible to know, so ask a visitor how. In fact, you just have to choose your closet, and close it by touching your magnetic bracelet. On your return, if you have forgotten the number, simply pass the bracelet on the monitor located in the changing room corridors and it will show you your position.

After that, we went to visit the pools! Look how beautiful it is! I made a short video for my YOUTUBE channel so you can feel the energy. The swimming pool with the water jets makes us go round in circles and if you stay very close to the edge you are thrown forward with the only force of the water!

The place was packed! We crossed paths and we really laughed! kkk I advise you to leave everything in the lockers. I only took the towels in a bag and my cell phone because I needed to take the pictures for you guys, but kept an eye on things the whole time. You know how suspicious the Brazilians are, don’t you? Although Europe is safer and has a different culture, it is always good to prevent.

There it is also possible to have different types of massages, pedicures and special hydromassage baths. I would have liked to have made some but everything was packed when we arrived.

See the video:

My conclusion is that I enjoyed the place and the 3 hours we spent there, but personally it is not an essential program for my pace of travel. It was worth it to know the heat of the city and also to rest because we had already done all the routes we wanted. In other words, as there was time left, it was well worth it!

Tell me! What did you think of the tour? Would you like to take a bath in the spa? Who has ever known a place like this? 🙂

Recommended for: couples, the elderly, children and even young people.
Type of audience: eclectic, of all ages.
is it really worth it? It depends on your goal and your pace of movement.
Price: about R $ 50.00.
Opening hours: Thermal baths: from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. – Swimming pools: from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
How to get there: M1 metro station Széchenyi Furdo.

Photos: Széchenyi Spa


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