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É do Peru: comprinhas de viagem

“It’s from Peru!” My mom used to say that in my childhood when something was really good! Now I have gone to research and this is really a phrase related to the wonderful Inca discoveries. They thought it was from the other turkey, huh? #knowinnocent hahaha

THE to travel it was wonderful and I’m going to tell you all about it little by little because there is so much good advice and beautiful things that I saw that I will have to make some posts!

Let’s start with the races I did there. Rich in crafts and cooking, I got into Peru and I came with delicacies that I found! Check it out!


Of course I had to bring Peruvian super foods like quinoa and the Apple. It’s a lot cheaper there and I found the black quinoa to be wonderful and nutritious. I am already thinking of some recipes to pass on here! Another thing that made me curious was to find stevia leaves, a powerful natural sweetener. Just use the flyer in juice or tea and you’re good to go! I loved!

I bought 3 silver accessories and for those who love Peru this is the right destination to buy. Just be careful not to take anything made in China or fake. The advice is to look for a reputable store to buy. We stopped at a factory at the entrance to the town of Pisac.

There are countless alpaca and llama textiles throughout the region. Same advice not to take a pig in a poke. The best quality is the baby alpaca and also the most expensive. I brought scarves and a nice scarf and my husband also bought a blouse and scarf.

The Salineiras de Maras were one of the most amazing places I have visited and from there I brought back the famous flor de sal which sells for only R $ 6.00 per kilo! I also brought the salts flavored with herbs from the region. You can also do it at home! Just mix our salt with dried herbs like thyme, rosemary, sage and oregano.

Of course, coca is famous in the region! And everyone is drinking tea and candy there. It is natural and it is not cheap, nobody! Kkk It is very suitable for combating altitude sickness, called soroche. I took the opportunity to buy teas to drink on the spot and chocolates and coca candies to bring.

What’s up guys! Did you like the news? I loved everything and I’m dying to tell you more about the trip!

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