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conheça os graus, dicas de prevenção e como tratar

gynoid lipodystrophy, popularly known as cellulite, affects most women in adulthood and some men with hormonal imbalance. Several famous people have already shown their shameless cellulite on social networks and have been very popular.

Cellulite is a deposit of fat under the skin and has four different degrees, with number 1 being the weakest and number 4 being the most severe. According to the Brazilian Society of Dermatologists, more than 94% of women will have cellulite after puberty and it usually appears more in white women. It is not considered a disease, but it annoys women because of the appearance it leaves on the skin. There is prevention to reduce the degree and amount of cellulite that appears in the body.

Where does cellulite appear?

Also according to the SBD (Brazilian Society of Dermatology), cellulite appears in fatty areas that are under the influence of estrogen, a female hormone, these places are: the hips, thighs and buttocks. But it can also appear in other less common places, such as: the breasts, lower abdomen, arms and back of the neck.

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What are the causes of cellulite?

Certain factors contribute to the appearance of cellulite in the body. Meet each of them categorized by SBD.


If in your family it is very common for women to have cellulite, this can happen to you too. Cellulite is a genetic factor and therefore, even leading a very healthy lifestyle, some people still identify these famous holes in the body.

hormonal changes

As mentioned above, the areas with more cellulite are areas where the fat is under the influence of estrogen. If this hormone is unregulated and at high levels, these holes in the body worsen. Still according to the article published on the SDB website, the contraceptive pill can also cause cellulite because of the female hormones that go into its composition. Be careful, before stopping or changing any medication, it is important to consult a professional.

Circulatory problems

Another factor that causes holes in the body are circulatory problems. When the blood does not circulate well in the body, it is difficult to eliminate toxins and can cause water retention. This accumulation of fluid can contribute to the development of cellulite.

Sedentary lifestyle

Although it appears in most women, the problem can get worse when the person leads a life with bad habits. Therefore, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, with low levels of fats and processed foods, and more vegetables, legumes and the like. In addition, engaging in physical activity is also important, because in addition to improving the body as a whole, it can help you eliminate holes.

What are the diplomas?

The Brazilian Society of Dermatological Surgery has classified cellulitis into four different degrees. 1 being the smallest and 4 the most severe. Know the difference between them and identify which one is:

1st year

This type of cellulite is not as visible, it does not contain ripples or irregularities in the skin. In this degree, the holes will only appear when you press on a specific place with your hands.

2nd year

In this case, it is no longer necessary to squeeze the spot to be able to spot some dimples and small holes in the skin. They usually appear on the body, but not in many places.

3rd year

At a more advanced degree, in this case, dimples and small holes appear without much effort. The nodules are quite visible and can be spread over different parts of the body.

Level 4

This is the most serious. Although it is not considered a health problem, an alert should be turned on when this degree of cellulite appears. The nodules are distributed over the skin, with a harder appearance. Additionally, you may have swelling due to impaired circulation.

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How to treat and prevent cellulite?

Currently, with advances in medicine, it is already possible to treat these small holes and a lot is already known about prevention. However, according to SBD, it is important to learn about the treatments and to be aware of the creams that are emerging, which, according to them, have no proven effectiveness. Therefore, to find out which treatment is suitable for your degree of cellulite, you should consult a dermatologist.

Healthy habits

It is important to change your diet and learn new habits for your routine. In the diet, reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, sugars, fats and other ultra-processed products. In addition, adequate water consumption is important to reduce “holes”. “It should be noted that no treatment against cellulite and flaccidity works without modification of eating habits and lifestyle “, emphasizes the article of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.


  • Sugar
  • Carbohydrates
  • salt
  • Processed foods
  • Soft drink
  • fast food


  • teas
  • The water
  • Natural juices
  • fruit
  • Vegetables
  • vegetables

Physical exercises

Just as a balanced diet is important to ward off or reduce the degree of cellulite, it is important to practice physical activity. In addition to toning the body, it helps the skin to become firmer and helps with blood circulation, preventing the condition from worsening. 30 minutes of walking is the minimum recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). Another important factor is that with proper exercise and nutrition, the body will flush out toxins from the body, thus preventing the onset of cellulite.

Aesthetic procedures

Currently, there are many procedures available for cellulitis, such as lymphatic drainage, invasive radiofrequency, polylactic acid, and subcision. But which one to choose? It is not ideal to make this choice alone, because as much as you can identify the degree it is, only with a medical diagnosis will you know which treatment will be suitable for your skin type. . Therefore, in order not to spend money on procedures that do not work for you, it is important to seek this help.

It should be noted that cosmetic procedures are not miraculous. In other words, there is no point in spending a lot of money on procedures if you continue with the old habits. Therefore, for a better result, combine the procedures with the practice of physical exercises and also a healthier diet.

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