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Budapeste: a vibrante capital húngara


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is located on the banks of the river Danube, with 1,740,041 inhabitants. It is a great tourist destination and considered the sixth most visited city in Europe!

From the towns I’ve been to you can see that Budapest it is the cheapest city in eastern europe, from accommodation to food to shopping.

At the airport, we bought a 3-day metro ticket for approximately $ 14.5. It gives you free access to trains, subways and trams upon your purchase. There are other options for more or less days, depending on your stay. In the end, I do not know if this ticket is paying because the single ticket costs 1.2 dollars and I did not realize it before. But my blisters on my feet thanked every tram or metro I could take to get from side to side.

On leaving the airport we took the 200E bus which took us to the train station Kobanya, where we took the metro directly to our apartment. I have already told you that I love renting apartments when I travel and I have given advice in this POST.

The weather was wonderful, too much sun and too hot. There were 4 days of tours through the main points of Budapest.
we stay at Elisabeth Square, at the central station of Deak Farenc. The location chosen was perfect because from there we could go to every corner with easy access to the metro and trams.
As we arrived in the late afternoon, we only went out for dinner and then went straight to the apartment to rest.

Upon returning from dinner, we found Elizabeth Square packed with young people. It was like a free walk, where everyone brought their drink and met in small or large groups. Check out the little video I posted on Instagram:

The next day we went to meet Buddha, the part of the city across the Danube which has the castle and beautiful monuments. We crossed the river on foot by the Chain Bridge and took the funicular to the top of the castle, you can also go up some stairs. The view is magnificent from up there. buddha castle, a national gallery It’s the Natural History Museum. On the right, the Sandor’s Palace. Walking to the right, in the flow of tourists, we find some shops and cafes and arrive at the beautiful monument Fisherman’s Bastion and the Mathias Church. It’s time to take in the views and take a lot of photos.

From there we got off by bus and went to Central Market, where you buy paprika, bread, cheese for lunch and wonderful yogurts. The market disappointed me a bit as I expected to find lively bars and restaurants there. There were only the food stalls.

Talk about paprika, it is a typical Hungarian seasoning and in the market we can find several types and take it as a souvenir to family and friends.


We take advantage of the late afternoon to go shopping at Road Andrassy. Bacio is a mini department store where there are several brands, such as Dolce Gabana, Prada, Moschino, etc. Everything was great discount and I took the opportunity to buy two beautiful bags. 🙂

We also went for a walk around the shops in the city center and I stumbled upon Zara Home and organized the party. Budapest has 2 malls that I didn’t know about, as I prefer to walk around the shops on the street.

We go out for dinner every day. The food is cheap and wonderful! So much so that it will give rise to a special article with advice for restaurants in the city.

On the last day of the tour we went to the beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica, close to where we were. We went up to see the view from the lookout tower and it was worth a lot! We saw the whole city and it was beautiful.
Very close to the church there is a super famous ice cream parlor in the city: the Pink jelly and stopping is compulsory in this round.
We walked past the Sunday market located at Elisabeth Square and bought prints from local artists. I always do this when traveling so that I can decorate my home with artwork from around the world.

From there we visited the Hungarian parliament which was programmed via the SITE. To be completely honest, the place is beautiful from the outside, but the visit left something to be desired. It was quick and without a lot of attractions. The highlight was the old bedroom and the beautiful stairs. Ah! The crown also, with a small changing of the guards, but this one could not be photographed.

In the afternoon, with plenty of free time, we decided to visit one of the famous spas in Budapest. But that’s a topic for another post. 😉

I loved discovering Budapest and its charms. Do you already know? The next morning we left for the next city in Eastern Europe. Who guesses the destination?


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