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Bate e volta de Paris: os Jardins de Monet em Giverny

If you love gardens, flowers and nature, you will love to visit the house and Monet’s gardens in the town of Giverny, located 75km from Paris. It is a magical place, full of colors and aromas, an unforgettable visit! And because it’s close to Paris, it’s perfect for a hit and go.

Claude Monet, famous impressionist painter, lived in Giverny from 1883 to 1926, the year of his death. A flower lover, his garden has served as the inspiration for many of his works. During the visit it is possible to see his love for gardening in the countless species of flowers, plants and trees. You can also visit the water garden (Jardin d’Eau), a magnificent lagoon, present in several paintings painted by the artist, and his house (La Maison de Monet), which is uniquely charming. This visit is definitely worth it! It is a magical place!

To get to Giverny, you can take the train, excursions or a rental car.

By train: At Saint-Lazare station, take the train line calls out, meaning Le Havre. Get off at Vernon station nearby. And then take a bus to Giverny. And rest assured, you won’t get lost, Giverny is a very small town.

Excursion: there are several options of companies in Paris that do this tour, it is a good option not to worry about renting a car or going by train. The average price is 69 euros per person.

Rented car: You arrive in about 1 hour, the highway is very quiet and there is only one toll on the way. In addition to the speed, you are free to visit other nearby towns and not worry about the schedules.

Monet’s house is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., from April to October, which is why I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit it during my travels in Paris.

Tickets can be purchased up to one day in advance on the internet ( or on site at the time of the visit. Warning! Buying on the spot can have a long queue. We therefore had the tip of an employee of the House who told us to buy the Claude Monet Foundation + Musée des Impressionnismes combo directly from the Musée des Impressionnistes. So, ticket in hand, go to the group entrance and in a few seconds you will be in the garden without queuing. And of course, take the opportunity to visit the Museum of the Impressionists.

By photo, it is not possible to convey the magic of this place. I was delighted. And you? Did you already know? Did you like?

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