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Banho frio faz bem? Conheça todos os benefícios da prática

For some the ice bath is crazy, for others the benefits speak louder. Cryotherapy, or ice bath, is used by many athletes to recover from injuries faster, supporters include Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazilian actor Cauã Reymond. But will take cold bath can provide the same benefits, in fact, are there any benefits?

Yes, a cold bath can have many health benefits, but ice therapy should only be done with a supervising specialist. However, you don’t have to soak in a tub with a lot of ice and go very cold to enjoy it. Understand the topic better and clarify your main doubts.

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Is it bad to take a cold shower?

No. Many people believe that taking a cold shower can cause colds and the flu. But these diseases are only caused by viruses, which means that a cold shower will not make you cold. However, on very cold days, take a very cold shower as this causes hypothermia, so it is important to regulate the cold of your shower and on days with very low temperatures, a hot temperature between 21º is ideal.

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Benefits of a cold bath

improves circulation

According to an article published on the US portal Healthline, the ice bath promotes blood circulation. This is because the body tries to maintain the ideal temperature even with the coldest water. This work of regulating body temperature helps circulation. So, if you suffer from circulation problems, take an ice bath.

Decrease swelling

Poor circulation causes swelling, especially in the legs, feet, and hands. Cold water from the cold bath can help with this problem. In addition, the cold bath eliminates common swelling, such as the eyes upon waking up, insect bites such as mosquitoes and allergies.

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Improves skin and hair

Hot water tends to make hair even drier and oily hair even more oily. The same happens with the skin, which with hot water tends to open the pores and make acne worse. Cold water helps in hair hydration, controls oiliness and leaves hair healthier. The same goes for the skin, which in addition to having its pores closed with cold water, helps control fat.

Immunity aid

Also according to the American portal, according to studies conducted in the United States, the cold bath has proven to be an ally in improving immunity. This happens because ice water stimulates leukocytes, which are responsible for the immune system. Hence, it helps keep colds and flu at bay.

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Increases endorphins

People with anxiety and depression may benefit from a cold shower. Endorphins are not only released by physical activity, but also released during a cold shower. Plus, it can help you in times of crisis when your body will be alert with cold water, increase endorphins (the “happiness” hormone) and you will focus on keeping the body warm. According to the Healthline website, as your brain works to keep your body warm, your mind manages to gain clarity and increase its energy.

Helps recover from injuries

A cold bath helps the muscle recover from injuries, however, it is not as effective as applying ice on the spot or soaking in an ice bath. Plus, cold water helps relieve pain, whether it’s after a hard workout at the gym or a bump you accidentally took somewhere. So take advantage of this advantage.

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How many times can you take a cold shower per day?

The recommended is just a cold shower a day and avoid it at night. As mentioned, the cold bath releases endorphins and increases the body’s energy, which can end up disrupting sleep. For this reason, the best time to take a cold shower is in the morning, which helps keep your body alert and prevents you from falling asleep.

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Care and contraindication of a cold shower

The bath does not have to be extremely cold to achieve all of the benefits mentioned above. Temperatures between 20º and 25º degrees are ideal. Extremely cold bathing or unsupervised use of the ice bath can lead to hypothermia.

Although there is no contraindication to a cold shower, it is always recommended to consult a specialist before feeling the benefits of the practice. Also, do not test the ice bath on children before talking to a pediatrician, even in hot weather. If after bathing symptoms appear, seek medical attention immediately.

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