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Aruba: onde comer bem | Blog da Mimis


I had this post of advice on where to eat in Aruba and think I postponed it because I didn’t want to drool here! Kkk guys! Aruba surprised me a lot when it comes to gastronomy.

The cuisine is super diverse and of a high standard. It has everything in taste and price.

During the 4 days we were on the island, we saw some amazing restaurants. The evening of our arrival, we went to dinner at the Modern White Kitchen, where I ate one of the best fish of my life! The restaurant is located in a nice Palm Beach Plaza Mall, a really cool place to shop. Lunch the next day was at the same mall and we met the Taste of Belgium, where I had to taste the famous Belgian potatoes!


Modern white kitchen.


Taste of Belgium.

On the second evening we encountered a beautiful tractor with an amazing sunset, but when we went it was already dark. La Trattoria El Faro BlancO it has a beautiful environment, full of people and great food. Highlight for meat and seafood dishes.


The Trattoria El Faro Blanco.

On the third day on the island, after the stand up paddle tour, we went directly to lunch at the hadicurari, a restaurant on the beach, no frills and very good, but I liked her husband’s dish more than mine, which was the grouper fillet with vegetables. Then I discovered that the grouper is the grouper. J



To end the trip with a golden key, we went to visit the trendy restaurant Howling eagles. What can I say ? Simply extraordinary! The service, the food, the ambiance, everything! I loved!


Howling eagles

The post with all my advice from Aruba is HERE. It is a beautiful island that I will definitely come back to!

Ah! I recommend making reservations, especially for dinner.

Hmmm delicious!

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