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aprenda os pontos de massagem para se livrar da dor

THE acupressure came up with acupuncture because they are very similar practices and involve the same principles. Unlike acupuncture, in this technique, instead of using needles to press on desired areas and achieve health benefits, only fingers are used in those areas.

According to an article from Clinica Hiraoka, a specialist in acupuncture, this practice has been used for millennia by the Chinese and is ideal for treating children or people suffering from needle phobia. Plus, it’s a great therapy to do at home and promotes several health benefits.

How does acupressure work?

It is a pressure made by the fingers on certain points of the body to obtain a kind of benefit. As with acupuncture, each point in the body to be stimulated will trigger a reaction in the body. For example, pinching a point of the inner forearm between two tendons to be able to fight against insomnia.

What are the benefits?

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Some of the benefits provided by the practice of acupressure are:

  • improves sleep
  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • improves circulation
  • Promotes well-being and relaxation
  • Relieves menstrual cramps

How to do acupressure?

The practice can be performed by a professional or at home, as it does not require braces or a lot of technique to reap the benefits. The first step at home is to find the points you want to boost and from there get the benefit you are looking for.

To tighten you have to press down on the spot with your thumb to get more firmness and you don’t need as much force on the spot. That is, if it hurts or bothers you, release the pressure a bit to achieve your goal with practice.

Before knowing which points are necessary for each service, it is important to emphasize that, if the symptoms persist, call a specialist. Any adversity, such as bruising, immediately stops the practice, as the pressure on acupressure is not strong enough to leave bruising.

for headache

For headache relief, the Yintang point, also known as the third eye, is great for this. To alleviate this annoying symptom, press your thumb in the area between the eyebrows and do a circular motion for a few minutes. This point is also ideal for relieving tired eyes.

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to relieve anxiety

Another point on the face that helps reduce anxiety and stress is in the area between the nose and the lips. Press down on the spot with your thumb and move back and forth for a few minutes (as long as you feel necessary) to calm yourself down.

acupressure to relieve anxiety
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Acupressure point to relieve vomiting and nausea

The P6 point is famous in acupuncture for relieving symptoms such as vomiting and nausea. To do this, just press your wrist to achieve this benefit. Press a few seconds and release, repeat the process as many times as needed to relieve symptoms.

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Point to fight against insomnia

The K1 point is known for its power to relax the body and fight against insomnia. This point is located on the sole of the foot, under the pads, right in the center (as in the photo below). Press this point with your thumb for 30 seconds, release 5 seconds and press again. Repeat as many times as needed.

In addition to insomnia, this point is also known to relieve lower back pain, palpitations, ringing in the ears and help people with poor memory. In other words, it is a multifunctional point.

acupersion to relieve insomnia
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Point to relieve menstrual cramps

Women who suffer from menstrual cramps and do not want to take a pain reliever can rely on the power of acupersion. To relieve colic, press the center of the palm for 30 seconds, release for 5 seconds and press again. You can repeat this process three times.

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point to relieve menstrual cramps
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Like any practice, there are a few recommendations. Know whether or not you should avoid acupersion at home:

  • Pregnant;
  • Infants;
  • People with muscle or bone injuries;
  • People with skin problems;
  • People with ongoing treatment.

If you are on this list do not worry, if you want to benefit from this practice that has been used for millennia, seek an expert to assess your case. Probably, in the event of release, the acurpression will be done only with the help of a professional and never at home, to avoid any problem.

As already mentioned, the practice does not cause any harm to health, such as bruising or severe pain, if it does, consult a doctor immediately and do not repeat the process at home. And again, it should be noted that, if symptoms such as severe cramps, headaches, or body aches persist, call a professional to investigate the cause and do not attempt to resolve these issues on your own. at home, as it can get worse.

How much does an acupersion session cost?

As it can be done at home (there are too many contraindicated people), acupersion is cost-free and no equipment is needed for the practice. However, in an office the session varies from professional to professional, but starts at R $ 70.

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