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7 alimentos que aumentam a imunidade; veja como consumir

O immune system it is important for the health of human beings, it is with it that we fight all diseases and that we minimize the risk of contracting any disease. From a booklet by the Ministry of Health On immunity, the government stresses the importance of consuming the right foods to increase immunity and thus prevent a number of diseases.

Also according to the booklet, the body’s defense cells need various minerals, vitamins and amino acids to stay healthy and efficient. So, if the intake of these nutrients is not adequate, the immune system weakens and eventually leaves the person vulnerable to diseases like flu, colds and others.

In order for immunity to be maintained at a normal level, in addition to eating a healthy diet, it is important to have variety on the menu so that you can get all the nutrients the body needs. Therefore, make a combination of foods that boost immunity, for the best result. And if you don’t know what these foods are, check out a list of the best ones to include in your diet below.

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Salmon is a food rich in omega 3, a very important nutrient for the immune system. Other fish are also rich in this nutrient, but salmon are generally healthier and therefore the most suitable. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which is also important in fighting diseases.


If you’re a vegetarian or vegan and looking for a good source of omega 3 to boost your immunity, you might want to go for nuts. Walnuts, Brazil nuts and cashews are an excellent source of this nutrient, in addition to containing vitamins such as the E, B complex and minerals such as zinc, potassium, manganese, iron and selenium. A healthy combo for your diet.

dark green leaves

The dark green leaves are excellent for the health of the body. They are rich in various minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and iron, rich in antioxidants, carotenoids, and other nutrients important for boosting immunity. The most common green leaves are:

  • Cress;
  • Swiss chard;
  • Broccoli;
  • Cabbage;
  • Chicory;
  • Coriander;
  • Spinach;
  • Escarole;
  • Rocket;
  • Cabbage.


It’s a well-known food for people who love the gym, but the benefits of sweet potatoes go beyond helping build a muscular body. It is rich in several nutrients that help maintain high immunity, such as beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, E, K and B complex and potassium.

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In the different recipes for soups and immunity juices, garlic is always present and is one of the most popular foods for boosting immunity. All because it is rich in allicin, which contains antimicrobial action. Garlic is also used in teas to help relieve symptoms of flu and colds.


Another food always present in recipes to boost immunity. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which are important for the immune system. In addition, it is excellent for improving cough and runny nose because it contains expectorant properties.


Another important root for the immune system. In addition to being consumed in the diet, thanks to its health benefits, turmeric is also sold in capsules in pharmacies. Turmeric is an excellent antioxidant and therefore helps boost immunity.

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What’s the best vitamin for boosting immunity?

Some vitamins are great for boosting immunity and keeping the immune system healthy, knowing the best ones and what foods to find:

Vitamin A (retinol)

Here is a list of foods rich in this vitamin:

  • Liver;
  • Egg yolk;
  • Milk;
  • Green leaves;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Carrot;
  • Mango;
  • Cashew;
  • Guava,
  • Papaya;
  • Khaki;
  • Pupuunha;
  • Palm oil;
  • Beijing

Vitamin B

See foods that contain vitamin B:

  • Beer yeast;
  • Lens;
  • Nuts;
  • Ginger;
  • Sun-flower seeds;
  • Soy;
  • Brown rice;
  • Green vegetables;
  • Lawyer;
  • Banana;
  • Chicken;
  • Fish;
  • Egg yolk.

Vitamin C

A vitamin well known to boost immunity:

  • Acerola;
  • Pineapple;
  • Lemon;
  • Orange;
  • Lime;
  • Papaya;
  • Kiwi;
  • Cashew;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Strawberries;
  • Watermelon;
  • Dark green leaves;
  • Green pepper;
  • Yam.

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How to increase immunity quickly?

Food is essential for building up your immunity healthily and quickly. In order to be more effective, the consumption of most fresh foods is recommended. For example, instead of orange juice, suck on the orange so that it doesn’t lose fiber and nutrients. And those of animal origin, it is important that they are consumed without fat and without industrialized spices. And of course, also vary the menu, the more colorful your dish, the better it will be.

In addition to diet, here are some tips that will boost your immunity at any time of the year:

  • Physical activity;
  • Adequate water consumption;
  • Sunbathe every day (before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m.) to increase vitamin D;
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes;
  • Avoid consuming industrialized and ultra-processed products;
  • Regulate your sleep and get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Finally, it is important to stress the importance of a doctor to check your immunity and, if necessary, grab a supplement. Also, it is important to consult a nutritionist to have a more balanced diet according to your food tastes.

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