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10 Dicas infalíveis para manter a dieta nas férias

The holidays are approaching and you plan to travel? Wonder! So it’s time to meet the Ultimate Travel Diet Guide! With it, you will be able to keep your diet up to date while enjoying the finer things in life! ??

It’s quite common to break out of the eating routine and especially exercise when we’re on the go, but there are certain attitudes that can help keep the pace going. slimming diet. Thus, we avoid post-holiday regrets and only come back with great stories!


1- Look for nearby markets
When planning to travel, look for markets near where you will be staying, that also helps! So you don’t waste so much time looking for healthy foods. Or, if you prefer, do it on the day you arrive from your trip. Ask residents if there are any fairs and note the days and times they take place. Also find out about restaurants that interest you to avoid unpleasant surprises.

2 – Take care of breakfast at the hotel
When we stay in hotels or hostels, we end up panicking for breakfast. You can bet on a stronger snack, but always opt for healthier and more natural foods, such as fruits and wholemeal breads. Remember, for example, you will want to taste typical dishes and visit another restaurant that day.

3 – Use the compensation rule
The advice is to choose one special meal per day and limit yourself to the others. Divide the remaining meals into intermediate snacks. And if you’ve been ‘eating well’ all day, take it easy next time, so you won’t be so hard to recover later. In the case of sweets, if you can’t do without them, try to eat what you really like, not just for the satisfaction of eating, and don’t eat it every day. Here’s how to get around the sweet tooth.

4 – bet on intermediate snacks
Inside the bag, put some oil seeds and dried berries! It prevents a midday hunger from making you eat anything on the street. Quite common to occur on trips, especially with those who like to “kick” knowing the city like me. These snacks will keep you full while eating a healthy diet!

5 – drink water
Also take a small bottle of water in your bag! It will keep your body hydrated! It is good to remember that one of the symptoms of the onset of dehydration is hunger. That’s right, lack of water makes you think you’re hungry.

6 – do not abuse alcohol
Alcoholic drink does not go with the diet. They have empty calories, which means they don’t have any nutrients and your body doesn’t benefit from them at all. The trick is to drink in moderation, in order to take advantage of the present moment, to favor the less caloric (see here) and to avoid eating very fatty foods together.

7 – Rent an apartment
Whenever I travel, I prefer to rent an apartment than stay in a hotel, because of the kitchen! We therefore do not need to take all our meals in the street, even avoiding falling into temptation. Regarding values, do your research, there are carefully considered options that are sometimes more interesting depending on the location.

8 – Do not interrupt physical activity
Take advantage of the activities offered by the place, such as horse riding, kayaking, stand up, tennis. So you have fun while burning calories. Another tip is to bet on exercises that can be done anywhere, and here I show how I do it. A skipping rope is also great, take it with you in your suitcase.

9 – Change taxi (Uber) for bike or on foot
Burn calories while walking! Only allow taxi and metro to go to places that are far away. Walking or even cycling (many cities rent bikes) is much more enjoyable and helps you get to know the place you are visiting in depth. I do this all the time, see here.

10 – bet on typical cuisine
The coolest thing is getting to know the typical cuisine of the place. Many, out of fear, end up stopping at familiar fast food outlets for fear of trying new flavors. Enjoy eating different things. Be careful with the portions, however, do not overdo it! Remember what you are going through. And avoid fried foods, only eat if it’s something very typical of the kitchen.

Wrapped bags and noted tips? So let’s travel serenely! Guys, I hope you liked the tips! I always put them into practice when I travel and they work great, which is why I decided to share them. Ask questions in the comments! And take this opportunity to tell me where you are going to travel this year! ??


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