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Budapeste: a vibrante capital húngara

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is located on the banks of the river Danube, with 1,740,041 inhabitants. It is a great tourist destination and considered the sixth most visited city in Europe! From the towns I’ve been to you can see that Budapest it is the cheapest city in eastern europe, from accommodation … Read more

Beauty news: comprinhas que amei

I like to buy products from beauty, mainly when traveling because there are more novelties and cool prices. I’m really crazy and bring several. Kkk Are you like that too? In fact, it had been a long time since I had bought anything because when I fixed my bathroom in the new house, I realized … Read more

É do Peru: comprinhas de viagem

“It’s from Peru!” My mom used to say that in my childhood when something was really good! Now I have gone to research and this is really a phrase related to the wonderful Inca discoveries. They thought it was from the other turkey, huh? #knowinnocent hahaha THE to travel it was wonderful and I’m going … Read more

Cusco e suas maravilhas incas

we can say that Cuzco is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America! It was considered the center of the world in the inca empire. Located in the region of the Urubamba Valley, it receives its visitors through the Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport. The tradition of the people is preserved over the years, … Read more

Os banhos termais de Budapeste

The Hungarian capital is famous for its hot springs and there are more than 50 places to bathe. It is a typical activity of the inhabitants who take advantage of the therapeutic properties of the waters and also to have fun and relax, alone, with family or friends. I have already told you about my … Read more